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online design

Our online design takes place virtually in three succinct steps: initial discovery, conceptual design, and delivery of the final plan for you to execute.

  • step 1

    We’ll discover.

    We’ll provide a questionnaire to help define your aesthetic goals. It will also outline all the practical puzzle pieces we require, like inspiration images, and pictures of your space.

    Then we’ll provide you with everything you need to take accurate measurements of your space.

    Then we’ll set up a 30-minute video chat to meet, get to know each other, and fill in any blanks so that design lives up to your hopes and dreams.

  • step 2

    We’ll design.

    We’ll share two design concepts that speak directly to the soul of your space. Once you select a favorite we’ll integrate any feedback and build your master plan.

  • step 3

    We’ll deliver (and you’ll create).

    Your final digital delivery will include everything you need to make it happen—floor plans, furniture selections, colors/finishes, and, yes, even a customized shopping list.

Our detailed plan will lay out all the right moves so you can create in style. Say yes and we’ll get to work. Start Now.

style your space

Our styling service is suited for those looking to make a space glow without a major makeover.

  • step 1

    We’ll confer, inspire, and select.

    After a call to review the space and lock in our goals, we’ll arrive on-site and jump in. Day one will be filled with exploring your floor plan, strategizing, and zeroing in on what you want to add to your decor and where we’ll find it.

  • step 2

    We’ll get in there and move things around.

    Our day one fun will also include re-arranging your favorite things and some solid recommendations for anything you may want to tackle in future phases. Get ready to roll your sleeves up and make some real moves!

  • step 3

    We’ll source and shop.

    Day two is all about shopping in the real world with the eyes of a design professional. You know that shopping wingman who always grabs something off the rack that you never would have selected in a thousand years—but as soon as you have it on—that’s your new favorite outfit and how did you ever live without it? We’ll do that with everything interiors.

Ready for a home filled with yes? Let’s chat.

full-service design

Our process is grounded in your authentic perspective. But we still make sure there’s plenty of room for surprise and delight.

It starts with a consult. Because of course, it does. Our 90-minute on-site conversation is all about learning your space, discussing the opportunities, and getting excited about every possibility.

Then we’ll propose to you. Our detailed proposal will set the goal for our project and layout all the right moves to get there. Say yes and we’ll get to work.

We inject joy and clarity into each part of the design process.

  • step 1

    We’ll visualize.

    We’ll demonstrate our powers of x-ray vision (design superpowers come standard, no additional fees apply) and open your mind to all the spatial potential. When we lock in the final layout you’ll know we’ve explored every facet and found the best of what your home has to offer.

  • step 2

    We’ll vibe.

    We’ll use an interactive selection process that gets to the soul of your space. It’s more than just a mood board, it’s a distillation of the inspiration images and the yet-to-be-defined key players that work together to make it all about you.

  • step 3

    We’ll tell your story.

    We’ll arrive at a beautifully-realized design presentation that brings it all together into a layered, cohesive narrative. You’ll get a view into the full plan—everything sourced and selected, as we explore the flow of moving room to room, and illustrate the experience evoked in each space.

  • step 4

    We’ll make it all happen.

    Our project management skills and creative problem solving will take over and kick things into high gear. We’ll oversee everything: procurement, tracking, installation— and we’re happy to liaison with your contractors and artisans. Or bring in our own trusted teams.

By the time we get to the end, you’ll be ready for living happily ever after, whatever that means to you.


Ready to enter a world of yes? Let’s chat.

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