If you have questions, we have answers:

How does online design work?

Our online design process (link to service page) happens virtually in three phases: project discovery, conceptual design, and design delivery.

Project Discovery:

  • First, you’ll receive a questionnaire that will define your aesthetic goals.
  • It will also outline all the practical inputs we’ll require like measurements and photographs of your space.

Conceptual Design:

  • From there, we’ll schedule a 30-minute call to discuss your project and answer any questions.
  • Once we’re aligned we’ll talk timeline and confirm we have everything we need to create your design concepts.
  • You’ll receive an email with two design concepts to choose from. We’ll integrate any feedback to your selection.

Design Delivery:

  • We’ll share your final updated design concept along with a few execution planning details to help you execute.
  • The final delivery will be a PDF package that includes:
    • Your design board with all the items consolidated in one document
    • A shopping list with easy to access links for purchasing
    • Any custom guidance or recommendations we can provide to help you execute the plan


How will you receive your design?

Your final design plan will be delivered in a pdf document via email. If relevant to your design, samples will also be mailed.

How long does it take to create the design concept?

A typical design concept takes around four weeks. The clock starts ticking once we receive your completed onboarding packet, including your questionnaire, full measurements, photographs, and inspiration images.

However, we’ll revisit the timeline at the beginning of the project to set your expectations around any delays or efficiencies custom to your plan.

How will we communicate?

Once we receive your completed onboarding packet (questionnaire, full measurements, photographs, and inspiration images), we’ll schedule a 30-minute meeting to discuss your goals in depth.

This is a chance to get a better sense of who you are and make sure we’re on the same aesthetic page. After that our communication will take place over email.

Can we incorporate existing furniture?

We always do our best to work with and make the most of your special pieces. At the start of the project, we’ll request images and dimensions of pieces you’d like incorporated.

If it’s an upholstered piece, sending a fabric swatch is ideal to help us get a true sense of the color palette—and ensure it’s working in harmony with the overall concept.

Will you be able to make changes to the design?

Yes, there’s one round of revisions built into the process. We’ll deliver two design concepts from which you can choose. After you make your selection you’ll five days to compile your feedback.

We’ll address your feedback and deliver the final plan around one to two weeks later.

When do you pay?

Right up front—it’s the first thing you do to kick start the project!

What if your items do not fit in the space?

If your measurements are correct, this shouldn’t be an issue. This is why providing accurate dimensions at the start of the project is absolutely essential. Have you ever heard the saying “measure twice, cut once”?! Well, measure twice, purchase once!

And don’t forget to consider the way your furnishings will travel to their final destination. Will your sofa fit into the elevator or up that spiral staircase? Take detailed notes of all the possible roadblocks and let us know so we can account for that in the concept!

After the design has been delivered, can we still email you for assistance?

Your custom concept will be fully comprehensive, but we understand that questions may arise. Our process allows for two weeks after the final delivery where you can email us with execution questions or clarifications.

If you’d like additional design support outside of that timeframe, we can work with you for our hourly rate.

What’s the process? How will this go?

Color Me Beautiful – $450 for up to 3 rooms ($100 per additional room)

  • During this two-hour service, I’ll join you in your space and we’ll create a paint palette for up to three rooms.
  • After you give me a firm high five on all color selections, I’ll follow up with a paint plan that outlines every decision we made.
  • Your paint plan will outline all the information any professional painter would require to execute our plan. I’ll also have large scale swatches mailed to you for your files. All you’ll have to do is hire the painter and get excited.

One-Day Style – $750

  • We’ll start our day by reviewing your goals and crafting a strategy for what we can get accomplished in the time we have
  • We—literally you and I— will roll up our sleeves, re-arrange furniture, and move pieces around to maximize function and flow.
  • We’ll “shop” your house see what we can style using what you already own!
  • When the day draws to a close, we will discuss next steps for any projects you may want to take on solo (or if we can’t get enough of each other—what else we could do together!)

Three-Day Style – $2000

  • This is our wildly-customizable-sky’s-the-limit-(within reason)-our-time-is-your-time three day style service.
  • It includes three consecutive days of pure designer brainpower crafted to tackle…well, anything you want (again, within reason—we aren’t styling a palatial mansion in three days)
  • The process can come together in a million different ways, but it always starts with a central question to keep us focused and guide our outcome.
    • Do you want a space to feel a certain way, but can’t quite figure out how to strike the right tone?
    • Need help furnishing an awkward room to maximize the space?
    • Want to style your home, but are at a loss for the right things to buy that will really make an impact?
  • Let’s say your question is, “How can we refresh the overall style in a few essential rooms to create some warmth and flow?” Our itinerary could look something like this:
    • Day 1 – We learn everything we can about your home, design likes/dislikes, and do a quick inventory of what you already own. Then we’ll get online and make a shopping plan.
    • Day 2 – We shop! We’ll head out into the world together and bring our list to life.
    • Day 3 – We style. We’ll spend the day introducing your existing pieces to your new purchases and creating spaces for them to live in beautiful harmony. And if any other design ideas spark during our time together, we’ll leave you with tips and recommendations on how to tackle those too!


Who determines the scope?

We’ll do it together! You will have our undivided attention to address whatever your heart desires (as long as it can be accomplished within your selected timeline and doesn’t involve painting!)

If you want to really nail one room that has been bothering you for a while—we can do that! If you want to put some finishing touches on the entire house—we can do that too!


What should we expect? What should we be prepared for?
  • Please make sure all the areas that you would like to work on are free of excess clutter. This will save us time and let us get right down to the nitty-gritty. (This isn’t the time to show me how you “really live” by having extra piles around to prove that more storage is needed!)
  • If you have a basement or attic full of pieces that you’d like to incorporate into the design, please make sure those items are easily accessible. In other words, if you have an epic sofa that may be perfect for the study but currently lives in the basement—please bring it up before we start.
  • Not to say we aren’t down for some heavy-lifting (within reason)! Be ready to really roll up your sleeves and move some furniture! If there are items that are too large or too heavy for you and me to move on our own, then you should be ready to provide the extra humanpower to make it happen.
  • We’ll bring basic moving materials, furniture slides, blankets, etc.—just not any cleaning supplies, garbage bags, or other housekeeping extras.
  • If you have children or pets, it would be best to have the children in daycare and the pets in another location so we can be as efficient as possible with your time! (If you can’t, believe me I get it—I’m a mom—we will make it work!)


How long are the days?

Each day will begin at 9am and will wrap around 3 or 4pm. We’ll work through lunch to maximize the time (don’t worry, we bring our own snacks!)


How do I pay?

We will collect payment at the beginning of the first day of our service.

If we do a shopping day, you’ll purchase everything directly. If we shop somewhere that offers designer discounts (e.g. Crate and Barrel, West Elm), we’ll make sure they are applied to your purchase.


Will you take photos?

We’d love to! Our business is heavily influenced by photography (after all, the proof is in the pudding). So, we rely on our client’s gracious (and anonymous) approval to showcase images of their re-imagined homes.

However, while we love being able to share before, during, and after images, we always take care to discuss your feelings about photography before the process begins!

What is your process?

Our full-service process takes place over three phases: conceptual design, detailed design, and execution.

What is Conceptual Design?

Conceptual Design takes about eight weeks and includes two steps:

Step 1: Design Concept Presentations

  • We assess the space, take measurements and photos, and document what elements will (and won’t) need to change.
  • We’ll have one in-person meeting to review the design concept. Our presentation includes:
    • Floor plan to ensure the best possible layout
    • Digital mood boards to communicate our overall vision
    • Initial selections to confirm the design direction
  • One round of feedback (due within three business days) to inform one revision is included.
  • The revised presentation will be reviewed in a 30-minute Zoom meeting for final sign off.

Step 2: Trade Day

  • We’ll conduct a “Trade Day” in your space where you’ll meet with all the required artisans and vendors.
  • This meeting will allow them to create accurate estimates for every element of the project—from furnishings to finishes.
  • Once you sign off on the final plan we’ll move into detailed design.


What is Detailed Design?

Detailed Design takes about eight weeks and typically includes the following:

  • Drawing elevations of the space (as needed)
  • Proposing each item for your approval, with all necessary details to confirm orders
  • Presenting final mood boards, furniture/fixture selections, and design concepts for approval before moving into execution
  • Confirming the actual cost against the approved investment estimate


What Happens During Execution?

During our execution phase, we take care of all your purchasing, project management, and installation. This phase can take anywhere from four to six months (depending on both vendor and contractor availability).


  • We’ll place all approved orders on your behalf

Project Management:

  • Our project management activities include all the tactical tasks needed to get the job done:
    • Providing clarity on delivery lead times with vendors
    • Managing open orders by efficiently tracking goods
    • Coordinating project logistics with contractors and vendors
    • Providing site checks for project accuracy
    • Coordinating all deliveries and installations


  • On installation day as all your deliveries arrive we’ll be present on-site to manage:
  • Any activities around the initial styling process
    • We’ll also present the styling price list for each item installed if we have not already provided in prior parts of the process. In most cases, we will have already accounted for accessories and styling in the investment estimate/budget upfront.
  • Providing documentation that supports the care and maintenance of your new space
  • Documenting quality control notes during installation and sharing a project punch list with recommendations to remedy any issues

Style and Photograph:

  • Our execution phase also includes professional photography of finished design, within 30 days of the final reveal..
  • We’ll professionally style your space and present the styling price list for each item installed.
  • After the photos are taken you can elect to keep or return any items from the styling list.


How do you charge?

We charge a flat fee for the design process determined by the scope and square footage of the project. Contact us for a full rate sheet and additional custom pricing details.


How do I determine a realistic budget for my project?

This is the million-dollar question! When we formulate an upfront investment estimate (aka the budget) we consider two factors:

  1. The size of the space (usually a simple square footage equation)
  2. The scope of the project (Is it a renovation? Are we decorating and furnishing an empty space? How ambitious is the overall work?)

You can find additional details on our JOI rate card.

We’ve also put together a guide to illustrate different levels of furnishings (low, mid, and high end) to help you develop a realistic budget and expectations. Check that out here!


Do you work with contractors?

Absolutely! Contractors and trade specialists can be essential to creating your ideal space. While we don’t formally provide (or insure) contractors, we are happy to share well-vetted, trusted recommendations for you to hire independently.


Can I shop on my own?

This is a tricky question. Obviously, if there are items you find and fall in love with, we’ll do our best to incorporate them. Ideally, we’d know these items at the beginning of the process.

Our approach to design is all about storytelling, so every element we source will be carefully chosen to work perfectly within the world we’re building together.


Can I see, touch, and feel each item before I purchase it?

Our goal is to bring you the extraordinary and unexpected. While we’ll ensure that you have plenty of photos, specifications, and samples—we can’t always guarantee that our sources will have brick and mortar locations.

Shopping for furniture in person can also increase timelines and reduce the number of pieces that are available to you.

However, if you’re not comfortable ordering your furniture without seeing it in a retail environment, we can always discuss in the upfront process and create a design that works within those parameters.


What if I don’t like a piece of furniture I’ve purchased?

We’ll do everything we can to make you fall in love with every piece. But in the unfortunate event that you want to divorce your new devon, we’ll be there to support you.

Real talk—typically, orders cannot be canceled once they are placed. Custom orders are not returnable, but if a refund can be issued, we’ll take care of canceling your order.

You’ll receive a refund for the cost of the item minus the management time (the upfront order, plus the time to request and process the cancellation, etc.).


Will you take photos?

We’d love to! Our business is heavily influenced by photography (after all, the proof is in the pudding). So, we rely on our client’s gracious (and anonymous) approval to showcase images of their re-imagined homes.

However, while we love being able to share before, during, and after images, we always take care to discuss your feelings about photography before the process begins!

Did we answer all your questions? If not, click below to contact us directly.

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