allow me to introduce myself…

I’m a Boss

I cut my professional teeth working in fashion and high-end brand strategy. Leading full-scale product and brand campaigns with multitudes of moving pieces and crazy complexities sharpened my creative problem-solving skills into a clear cut diamond.

I’m a Contractor’s Daughter

I grew up immersed in spaces that were beautiful, ever-evolving, works-in-progress. My dad made it impossible not to find beauty in the messy parts that live between start and finish. I was trained to walk through fire for my vision. And I believe that the craftsmanship required to handle creating is as essential as the creative idea itself. In fact, ideas are cheap— everyone has them. But being able to dream and do? That’s the real magic.

I Have X-Ray Vision

That’s right. I can see through walls to plan layouts, find what’s blocking your flow—and make sure that “open concept” doesn’t mean “congrats, you live in your kitchen now”.

Even When I’m Not Working—I’m Working

You can find me traveling to discover new textures and rhythms, seeking out art installations to reset my perspective, and just generally falling in love with the multitude of details that make up our well-designed, thoughtful world.

I’m Going to Ask You “Why Not?”

Don’t think you can showcase your favorite yard sale coffee table next to that what-dreams-are-made-of designer divan?

Why not?

Don’t think you can hang that graffiti inspired art piece over your rustic farmhouse fireplace? Why not?
Why not make your kid’s room fun and elegant? Why not test the boundaries and see what’s out there?

Seriously, your home is the centerpiece of your life. Let’s make every moment at home your favorite moment.

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